Cassie here! I'm the self-appointed creator of Flaunt Creative and your personal branding strategist and designer. At the moment, it's just me holding down the fort, but there's room to grow! I hope to add a technical division, offering customized computer builds, open-source software collections and custom-coded programs to maximize efficiency in workflow. 

After successfully starting and maintaining a commercial, portrait and event photography business, I knew the direction my entrepreneurial spirit was taking me. In fact, my first business was born from the desire to just start a business. (Don't get me wrong, I love photography - it's definitely one of my favorite creative mediums.) Following graduation with a BFA, and countless months spent seeking any position related to my field, with less than satisfactory results, it hit me - why aren't I just creating my own job? I had all of the pieces to start paying the bills with photography; a camera, lenses, computer and the necessary software, not to mention loads of enthusiasm. The sense of independence was unlike any other freedom I have ever experienced. Before long, I was suggesting business ideas, helping anyone interested with their planning and marketing, providing top-notch photography to promote their products or services, and creating websites and social media pages that would appeal to their target audience. Now, I've put it all together as an initiative to deliver dreamers to their dreams. Your brand is arguably one of the most important pieces of your puzzle. 

Everyone wants to change the world. But where to start? What problems do you seek to solve? I look at our general society and see zombies; people who are stuck in a 9-to-5 routine with an hour commute that drains any and all excitement and curiosity out of life. It's easy to get sucked in and the income security is great, but how could we possibly create the world of tomorrow, a world oozing with innovation and discoveries beyond our wildest imagination, like this? Sometimes you have to take matter into your own hands. You have to risk the security of your current job (that you absolutely loathe) to reach for a position best suite for your passions. Or maybe you realize that what you need in a career just doesn't exist and it's up to you to create it. Either way, I've been there and I'm here now!

Presentation is everything and a first impression might be the only impression. Not only does the brain process visual images faster than any other sense, but it also makes split-second decisions, whether you're conscious of it or not! The psychology and science of design adds an entire dimension of insight that often goes underutilized. In working with me, you'll find that I frequently suggest visual ideas or methods to help you effectively communicate with your particular audience, all based on social and neurological functions. Lately, I've been working on self-guided research that's intended to further my understanding of aesthetics and the brain. This blog is where I'll be sharing that information with you! Geeky? Maybe. But I promise it'll be useful! 

Check back soon and see what's new!