Happy Huesday! Here in Virginia, this is our last month to comfortably experience both nature and the pedestrian lifestyle, at least on a daily basis. Inspiration is everywhere in the River City - take a look!

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1. Mum's the word

Chrysanthemum buds; spotted in the lower, granite flower beds of the Italian Garden at Maymont Estate in Richmond, Virginia. These mums have a spectacular view a multi-terraced fountain running adjacent to a shallow waterfall, feeding the James River. These hardy buds will take blossom with the ever-decreasing daylight.  


2. Porch Pumpkins

The homes of the historic Fan District in Richmond boast elegantly classic colors; the perfect backdrop for the season's favorite decorations.


3. Victorian + violet

Original stained glass adorns the transom of this Virginia Victorian. Petite pumpkins transform the home's permanent palette from analogous to split-complementary.